QR-Values-Peachtree-City-CVB-AppQR Values has developed an Event App that is designed to enable any CVB/ DMOs to license the use of the app in their local areas. The license enables them to eliminate the high costs, and high risks of development that is generally associated with a true native app distributed by iTunes and the Android Store.

The Event App allows the CVB/DMO to enter the new Smartphone Market – In May 2012 51% of all cell phones were Smartphones – if your CVB is not on the Smartphone you are missing this increasingly important market.

The Event App extends and expands the CVB/DMO’s digital media: website, mobile app, twitter, and Facebook that utilize a web browser but can’t be downloaded to the Smartphone. The Event App enables the CVB/DMO to have an app that the user can download onto their Smartphone or iPad so that they can conveniently access information about “What’s Happening in My Area.”

The Event App uses QR Values company owned source codes and programs to allow the CVB/DMO to have an Events App for their area at a low cost and in the iTunes and Droid Stores in 60 days!

Contact us today so that you can take immediate advantage of extending and expanding your Social Media.

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